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Peace Lutheran Church & Preschool
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Kent, WA 98042
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Peace Lutheran Preschool partners with families by providing a Christ-centered learning environment designed to develop spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical skills of each child in a warm and loving atmosphere.

At Peace Lutheran Preschool, we offer a comprehensive early childhood program.

Our 2s program is designed to offer 2 year olds a fun, social experience with the comfort of mom, dad, or another trusted adult by their side.  It is also a great opportunity for parents to meet and be with other parents of terrific twos as well as learn some expert techniques and tips about their child’s learning.
The 3s preschool class (for children who are 3 by August 31) is designed to help the students develop socially and emotionally.  The focus of their education is primarily learning how to relate to others (i.e. sharing, nice words, no hitting, turn-taking, etc.).  
With the 4s preschool class and also our Begindergarten (Pre-K) (for children who are 4 or 5 by August 31), we begin to bring in more cognitive development activities while still helping the children with their social skills.  Kindergarten programs would like to see four areas of child developing.  Those are physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills.  It is equally important for children to not only begin their understanding of letters and numbers but to be able to work in groups, work independently, solve problems, create, be a community contributor, etc. in the kindergarten classroom.
With this in mind, our program is designed to reach the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional benchmarks needed for kindergarten readiness.  We accomplish the cognitive goals through music, play, art activities, group and individual work.  In addition, the children enjoy culture days (we learn about different people and cultures from around the world, famous artists (Monet is one example), and field trips.  We foster their growth in fine motor skills (cutting, prewriting and writing skills), math skills (rote counting, matching, sorting, number recognition), and science skills (observation, predictions, and participation).  The students also work on their listening skills (circle time, story time) and following simple two- to three-step instructions.
All of the above is taught under the umbrella of Jesus' love.  Everything is taught with kindness, gentleness, encouragement, and love so that the students learn through the modelling of the grace, mercy, and compassion of God from our staff.
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