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Peace Lutheran Church & Preschool
18615 SE 272nd St.
Kent, WA 98042
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Our Twosday                            
Come and play in our preschool with your two year old and leave the clean-up behind. This is a great time to paint, smoosh gak and playdough, discover new games and have a blast with your two year old. (2 by 8/31) 10 student/parent pairs, 1 teacher; $45/mo
Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00
Our Threes
This two-day program offers a fun, safe, and loving environment which enables students to explore and learn through creative art and play. The students are encouraged to use their imaginations and problem-solving skills through a variety of activities. With an hands-on approach to learning, the children experience the world around them using all five senses. Students are introduced to appropriate social skills such as sharing, cooperating, turn-taking, respect for others and nice manners. (3 by 8/31) 16 students, 2 teachers; $120/mo
Thurs, Fri, 9:30-11:30

Our Fours

In this 3-day program our students continue to work on their social and emotional skills. Through our learning centers and thematic curriculum your preschooler will be introduced to and master skills for pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-math concepts while using their imaginations and developing their confidence in problem solving. Our day consists of a balance of child-centered learning and teacher-guided instruction. Structured activities such as circle time offer enrichment through songs, finger plays and stories, as well as a fun way to learn listening skills. Exploration time is designed to help the students become independent learners and good decision makers. Our centers are set up with a variety of fun activities for the students to explore with teacher guidance. Our centers include Math Center, Art Center, Reading Area, Block Area, Writing Center, Science Center and Sensory. These centers are always open for your child’s imagination to bloom.  This program is designed with the approach to and success in kindergarten in mind. Students are encouraged in a loving environment so that they will develop a love of learning. (4 by 8/31) 18 students, 2 teachers; $165/mo

Mon., Tues., Wed.; 9:00-11:30

Begindergarten Pre-K

This program is designed for a variety of student needs. Sometimes children are not ready for the rigors of kindergarten, or they are a summer baby and you feel that they would benefit from an “in-between the preschool and kindergarten” program. Whatever the reason, this may be the class for your 4/5 year old (must be at least 4 by August 31).  This program focuses on kindergarten preparedness, social finesse and a mastery of fine and gross motor skills. The curriculum will continue their learning in all of the basic academic skills the students begin to learn in our 3-day program and build on those concepts. The students will become self-directed learners using their imaginations and problem-solving skills. There will be a fun balance of hands-on activities, art, language and math practice and science exploration.

18 students, 2 teachers; $220/mo

Mon., Tues., Wed. & Thurs.  


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